There are a lot of link building tools out there, of which some are actually quite useful. I use several of these tools regularly, and have tried numerous other tools as well. To help you pick the right tools for your link building toolkit, I have listed and reviewed some of the most well-known and/ or best tools.

Disclaimer: None of the companies behind these tools have paid me to review their product, and I am being completely honest about what I think of each of the reviewed tools.

Free link building tools

Eightfold Logic Linker
Link Diagnosis
Majestic SEO Free tools
Seeded Buzz
Open Site Explorer

Premium link building tools (coming soon)
Advanced Link Manager
Cognitive SEO
Influence Finder
Link Assistant (coming soon) (coming soon)
Link Insight
Link Prospector
Link Research Tools
Majestic SEO
Ontolo Link Building Tools
Raven SEO Tools
SEObook Premium Tools
SEO Diver
SEOmoz Premium Tools
SEO Profiler (coming soon)
Wordtracker Link Builder

Please keep in mind that there is no perfect link building tool, except for what you might be able to build in-house. What is a great tool for person or company X, can be relatively useless for someone else. It depends on what your preferred method of work is, and what you’d want a link building tool to do. My opinions are based on what I’d like a link building tool to do and what I would use it for, so this could be different for you.

Do you think there’s something missing in this list? Feel free to drop me a line!