My Blog Guest

Tool name: My Blog Guest
Company behind the tool: SEO Smarty
Type of tool: Guest blogging community
Costs: Free!
Description: Unites bloggers who are interested in connecting to other bloggers, journalists and other content creators.

About the tool

MyBlogGuest is not exactly a tool, but more like a forum or marketplace. It offers content publishers a platform to connect with bloggers or journalists, and to find places where they can publish their content. After all, guest blogging is a great way of link building.

Blueglass Inc.’s Ann Smarty (also known from sites like or started MyBlogGuest about a year ago, and has heavily promoted her service ever since, which makes it quite surprising that it’s still free to get access the community. Nearly 750 threads have been opened by people who were looking for guest bloggers for their blog, which is over 60 a month on average. Even when you leave out the irrelevant opportunities, that’s still quite a few places to get your content published.


Screenshot of the forum, click to enlarge

My Opinion

Places like MyBlogGuest can easily become victims of users who are just trying to get their content published to get more links, but Ann Smarty does a great job monitoring and moderating the forum. This is the only route to go, in my opinion, if you don’t want the mis-users to scare the ‘good’ community members away.

It’s free to join MyBlogGuest, and since any forum has an RSS feed, it’s quite easy to keep track of new opportunities. Although I would have liked to see more high quality opportunities in the forum, I’m sure this will changes while MyBlogGuest matures, making it an even more useful resource (or tool, if you like).

Rating: 82/100
Pros: A great place to find content AND link targets
Moderated very well to prevent abuse
Cons: Not a lot of very high quality websites yet

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