Tool name: Linkdex
Company behind the tool: Linkdex, Ltd
Type of tool: Link target finder
Costs: Free to use, backlink analysis plans start at $50/ month
Description: “A free enterprise class platform where you only pay for valuable, actionable, profitable data.”

About the tool

Linkdex (previously known as Influence Finder) is a collection of SEO tools, and includes a rank tracker, link building features, a keyword research tool and an SEO assistant.

Linkdex is free to use, but you’ll need a plan if you want to analyze backlinks and/ or track a larger set of keywords. The cheapest option (Plan 1) lets you analyze up to 4 backlink profiles each month for $50, while you can run 200 link analyses for $1950 in Plan 9.

Creating a new project

You can create a new project very easily. List your website, the URL of one of your competitors and up to ten of your most important keywords. Linkdex will gather links from Majestic SEO, recrawl them and use all live links for analysis.

Creating a new project, click to enlarge

When your project has been created, Linkdex can provide some additional keyword suggestions, based on the ten examples you’ve provided earlier. You can select which keywords should be tracked by Linkdex’ rank tracker.

Add or ignore the keyword suggestions, click to enlarge

Customizable dashboards

Linkdex offers fully customizable dashboards, which can be defined and vary per user or user type. This allows you to let your manager see the ranking fluctuations when he logs in, while your marketing manager sees all new links to competing websites and you see all new links pointing to your own site (or any setup that you prefer).

This makes it really easy to get the tool embedded within your organization if you ask me. After all, the more relevant it is to different users, the more they will use it.

Simply add widgets to your dashboard, click to enlarge

Link building

One of Linkdex’s key features is the Competitor Analysis tool, which uses filtered Majestic SEO data and allows you to analyze competitor link profiles, and to compare these with yours. For example, the ‘site types comparison’ (compare link types) and the ‘anchor text table’ (compare anchor text portfolios) can provide very valuable insights.

The link building tool is based on the original Hub Finder, but has some additional functionalities. You can not only sort all of the results by influence or relevance, but you can also add notes to a link prospect, or add them to your link building task list, where you can keep track of the progress.

Competitor site types comparison, click to enlarge

Link building tool, click to enlarge


The benchmarking feature is very useful to get an overview of your competitors very quickly, but it also allows you to keeping a close eye on their online activity, by tracking link growth patterns.

Link benchmarking, click to enlarge

It’s not just links that you can benchmark. A combination of your rankings, Google Analytics data (you can connect GA to your Linkdex account), search volume and keyword value can highlight what you’re missing out on. Are you happy with your current rankings? Linkdex identifies media value that still waiting for you to occupy in the SERPs.

Benchmark your rankings, click to enlarge

This is what I’m still missing out on – my rankings clearly suck.

More screenshots

Rank tracker with annotations, click to enlarge

Link building task manager, click to enlarge

My Opinion

Linkdex offers an all-round SEO suite with link building in a place where it belongs: a prominent one. After all, links make up for 50-ish percent of your rankings.

Compared to other high-end link building tools, Linkdex offers good functionalities for a reasonable price. The tools are free to use and at $50/mo, Linkdex’ link analysis features are considerably cheaper than most other tools. However, more seasoned SEOs will probably need a larger package. This can become costly, with the most extended plan setting you back $1.950,00 a month.

The fully customizable dashboards make Linkdex the perfect tool for mid-sized and large (online) marketing teams. Any team member can focus on the data that matters most for him or her, without losing track of the bigger picture. This will make it a lot easier to introduce this tool to your team with all team members actually using it.

Another great thing about Linkdex is that they use the most comprehensive link database (which is Majestic SEO, in my opinion), and update this data by re-crawling all reported links. This leaves you with a fresh and filtered dataset, so you can get straight to the link building part.

You can sign up for Linkdex’ free 30 day trial here.


Rating: 90/100
Typical user: Mostly in-house SEO teams, but suitable for agencies and webmasters as well
Pros: Smart connections between GA, ranking data and link building
Advanced benchmarking
Fully customizable dashboards
Unlimited users in every plan
Pay only for the data you use
Cons: Mainly competitor based link building
Can be quite pricey for heavy users (plans go up to $1.950 / month)

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