Majestic SEO Free Tools

Tool name: Majestic SEO Tools
Company behind the tool: Majestic 12
Type of tool: Link profile analysis tools
Costs: Free!
Description: Competitive link intelligence for SEO specialists.

About the tool

Majestic SEO is one of the few companies who have tried to build their own index of the web, and Majestic uses their index for link related purposes only. Although their main product requires a paid membership, Majestic SEO also offers a few free tools.

Bulk Link Checker

When you need backlink information of a large set of websites very quickly, the Bulk Link Checker tool is your friend. The free version of this tool allows you to check the backlink numbers of up to five URLs, and provides the number of backlinks, number of .edu/ .gov backlinks, the amount of unique linking IP addresses and the amount of unique linking domains almost instantly. With a paid account, you can check up to 150 URLs at once.


Backlink History

One of the advantages of Majestic SEO’s enormous database, is that you can track link profile evolution over time. With the Backlink History tool, you can check how your link profile has been growing (or not) since ~June 2006, based on Majestic’s data. Premium users can compare this with the link profiles of up to four competitors.


My Opinion

Although I am a big fan of Majestic SEO, and I absolutely love the data they provide, their free tools are quite limited. Obviously, this is not more than normal from a sales point-of-view, as you can use these tools much deeper as a premium user, but they’re quite limited nonetheless.

Rating: 68/100
Pros: Free tools
Easy to use
Fast results
Cons: Limited in use

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