Link Diagnosis

Tool name: Link Diagnosis
Company behind the tool: iAcquire
Type of tool: Link profile checker
Costs: Free!
Description: Link Diagnosis shows you all the important information about your competitor’s links, with reports including PageRank, anchor texts, no-follow information and more.

About the tool

Link Diagnosis is an excellent tool for link profile quick scans. It uses Yahoo! to find links that point to a website, accumulates relevant information about these links and pages, and tries to filter out duplicate and low-quality links.

The output is easy to understand. One table shows you all links Link Diagnosis has analyzed, two others list the most important pages and the most popular anchors. You can also export all the data to csv, or create charts of the link types and PageRank distribution to your site.

Link Diagnosis also offers the ability to save reports, which requires a login. The Firefox plugin makes performing quick scans even more easy, as it only requires a single right-click to start the analysis engine when you have the plugin installed.


My Opinion

Link Diagnosis is an excellent tool for quick scans, and to find the better links your competitors have obtained relatively quickly. However, since there’s a link building company behind the tool, I’d be careful with what data I’d give away to them.

Rating: 80/100
Pros: Easy to use
Ability to save reports
Export to csv
Cons: Firefox-only
Owned by a link broker service

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