SEObook Premium Toolkit

Tool name: SEObook Toolkit
Company behind the tool: SEO book
Type of tool: Multiple tools, as part of a premium membership
Costs: $300/ month
Description: Start building your link profile and track your progress compared to competing websites.

About the tool

SEObook has several SEO tools available for free, including their SEO toolbar and some other tools. Other tools, accompanied by training modules and access to the SEObook forum require a premium membership. The ones that I’m reviewing here are two of the premium link building tools, HubFinder and LocalRank.


Hub Finder is a web based tool which looks for hub pages, using the Yahoo! API. You can enter up to 20 URLs (ideally 19 competitors and your own URL), and HubFinder will search for websites that link to at least two of the URLs that you have listed. Since these websites link to several relevant websites, they might be interested in linking to you as well.

Although HubFinder will definitely find you some great link targets, you will have to do the filtering yourself, which means skipping DMOZ clones and avoiding low quality scraper websites.



LocalRank is similar to HubFinder, except it tries to find you new link targets based on a keyword you enter. It checks which websites rank in the top 100 (or 200, 800, etc) for a keyword of your choice, and tries to find websites from this list that link to two or more websites with first page rankings for that same phrase.

Because LocalRank only uses the top 1,000 search results (maximum), you don’t have to wade through piles of low quality website, like you have to do with HubFinder. This better quality, combined with its ease of use, makes LocalRank a pleasure to work with.


My Opinion

SEObook’s link building tools are great, but not worth the $300 a month on their own for most people. However, in combination with all other tools, the training modules and access to the SEObook Community, I definitely think it is worth the price. The additional info and direct access to (link building) tips and advice provided by Aaron Wall (amongst others) can surely save you -or bring you an extra- $300 a month.

So if you’re not planning on spending some time in the forum, using the other tools, or reading SEObook’s training material, you’re probably better off using one of the other tools. If you are planning on using the extras, you can sign up here :)

Rating: 85/100
Pros: Tools are easy to use
Fast results
Export to csv
Toolkit is just part of a much bigger SEO package
Cons: Just the tools are pretty expensive

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