Seeded Buzz

Tool name: SeededBuzz
Company behind the tool: MRMA Ltd
Type of tool: Blog outreach network
Costs: Free!
Description: Promote your latest posts to thousands of carefully screened and interested bloggers

About the tool

SeededBuzz is a community for bloggers, which you can join to “meet new friends, get the opportunity to guest post and receive guest posts, increase visitors, grow valuable links that improve search rankings, and much more”. It’s free to sign up, but every application will be reviewed manually.

After signing up, you’ll receive 2 credits to ‘plant new seeds’, which you can use to introduce one of your blog posts to the SeededBuzz community. You can earn new seeds by writing about (and linking to) the seed that someone else has planted, by waiting a few weeks (you get 2 free seeds a month), or by buying more seeds. Three seeds a month cost $4,95, and you’ll get 10 seeds for $14,95/mo.

When you have planted a seed in a relevant category, bloggers will hopefully find it and turn it into a blooming flower by linking to it. At least that’s the idea behind SeededBuzz.


SeededBuzz dashboard, click to enlarge

Planting a seed, click to enlarge

Finding other seeds to buzz about, click to enlarge

My Opinion

I really think that SeededBuzz has potential, but they’ll probably need a larger -and more importantly a more influential- user base. Some of the seed categories have seeds that were planted about a year ago, while the marketing category (of course) has a few seeds from last week about MLM waiting for some buzz. Not a very healthy environment to grow flowers, if you ask me.

The user interface of SeededBuzz and the idea behind it are actually quite good, and it definitely can offer value to advertisers and paying members. Now they just need some good marketing to let their user base grow significantly. Want to help? Sign up here.


Rating: 75/100
Pros: Unique idea to connect bloggers and linkerati
Manual screening of new members combats spam
Cons: Needs more activity

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