Advanced Link Manager

Tool name: Advanced Link Manager
Company behind the tool: Caphyon
Type of tool: Link monitoring tool
Costs: between $99 and $599/ yr
Description: Advanced Link Manager manages your incoming links the smart way.

About the tool

Advanced Link Manager (ALM) is a product of Caphyon, the creators of the better known (and excellent) desktop software Advanced Web Ranking. Although ALM has many features and possibilities, I think it can be best described as a link profile monitoring tool.

You can track your own link profile, or the link profiles of your competitors, and see how these profiles evolve over time. ALM searches for links in Yahoo! Google and Bing, and keeps track of anchor text, PageRank, IP locations and many more factors. With the scheduled updater, you can let projects run while you’re away from your computer, making it highly efficient.

A great functionality of the tool is to import link data. This means you can export link profiles from Majestic SEO or Linkscape, and let ALM collect all other variables, or check which links have been removed or disappeared.

You can use ALM as a link management tool, too. You can send and receive emails in ALM’s interface, and you can keep track of websites you have contacted. I’m not a big fan of this functionality, as it leans towards being a reciprocal link tool. Luckily, ALM has many other features, and it’s only a recip link building tool if you use it that way.

Other uses of the tool are a broken link checker and an option to check if (reciprocal) links are still present, making it easy to spot links that have been deleted.


My Opinion

Advanced Link Manager is a great tool for anybody who wants or needs to keep a close eye on his or her incoming links. It’s also great to keep track of the evolution of your link profile (for example in comparison to your competitors) or to spot juicy links that point to your competitor’s website.

The tool can definitely be a bit overwhelming, but the guys from Caphyon have created a solid user guide. Nevertheless, ALM is not a tool that you will be familiar with within a few minutes.

Rating: 72/100
Typical user: SEO agencies, publishers of multiple websites, affiliates.
Pros: 1 Month free (full) trial
Option to import link data
Scheduled project updates
Relatively cheap (starts at $99/yr)
Works on Windows, Mac & Linux
Cons: The many options can be overwhelming
Leans somewhat to a reciprocal link tool

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