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Link Building this Week (51.2008)

19 Dec

Gyutae Park wrote a good post about making every link count for your SEO. The article, which was later followed-up by the opinions of 6 link builders/ SEOs, contains some good tips, but it all comes back to keeping it natural and diversifying your efforts. Out of all bad link marketing KPIs and metrics, a […]

Link Building this Week (50.2008)

12 Dec

We all know that a successfully performed linkbait campaign can bring in links by the dozens, hundreds or maybe even thousands. There’s a difference between knowing and doing, however. This is why reading about brainstorming for topics and igniting the campaign (which includes using social media) might be useful. And also: Laura Alter shared link […]

Link Building this Week (49.2008)

7 Dec

Compared to other weeks, it’s been very quiet, link building-wise. I only came across a few link marketing related posts that are worth mentioning, such as Julie Joyce’s post about link building in a global economy. Also, Eric Enge’s explanation of why link building is hard work is a good read. In contrast to Google, […]

Link Building this Week (48.2008)

28 Nov

It’s the week of Thanksgiving, so I figure people had different things on their minds than links. How to prepare a turkey properly, for example. Nevertheless, there were still a few link building related posts worth mentioning. Barry Schwartz asks when link building companies suddenly became ‘black hat’ SEOs. While I do think there’s a […]

Link Building this Week (47.2008)

22 Nov

Google’s war on paid links seems to have effect. WeBuildPages’ shift away from buying links is a great example of this. The ‘report paid links’ form is scaring webmasters that buy (or have bought) links, because lots of paid links are easy to spot and competitors can -and often will- file a report. While there […]

Link Building this Week (46.2008)

14 Nov

Eric Ward received an interesting request for proposal and devoted a post to his dilemma: is a performance-only based link building assignment on a very short term a no-win? Several people took time to chime in at Sphinn, and explained why they would (or wouldn’t) take the offer. My $0,02? If the site has no […]

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