Wiep.net in audio: Odiogo

27 Jul

Earlier this week, I StumbledUpon Michelle MacPhearson’s blog (see, it works). On her blog, I noticed a weird plugin next to the PlugIM and Sphinn buttons. When I clicked it, I was quite impressed.

There are several audio tools and plugins available for blogs, but I never came across one that was 100% understandable. The one Michelle uses, Odiogo, actually is. Because of a good intonation, Odiogo offers “Near-human” quality text-to-speech.

I decided to give Odiogo a try as well. It also offers stats, so I can remove it again if nobody uses it. This means that you can listen to SEO related posts while jogging or travveling, but it also means that Wiep.net is available for the audially disabled from now on.

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