New Link Building/ SEO Colleague Wanted

27 Feb

Because most Americans are at the SMX right now, this must be the perfect time for me to write a post targeted at all my Dutch (and Belgian) readers. Normally I don’t geo target my blog posts, but in this case I’ll make an exception :)

One of my colleagues decided it’s time to move on and will leave Tribal Internet Marketing pretty soon. He and I work pretty close and kind of manage the whole Link Marketing department. This means that Tribal’s looking for someone with link building related experience. The vacancy is so fresh that the profile of this new function isn’t even online yet, but I can assure you that it’s a pretty interesting job.

So, if you have SEO and/ or link building related experience and if you want to work together with me and several other very inspiring people (check out the video and other vacancies as well), feel free to drop me an email ;)

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