Link Building this Week (Oct. 12)

12 Oct

Althought the paid link discussion was hot this week, I’m not going to link to more than one post about this subject; there’s nothing I want to add to SEL’s paidlink round-up.

Eric Lander did a great post about The Necessary Evolution of Linkbait. When even Sphinn members say they’re getting tired of some linkbait approaches, you know it’s time to move on to something (slightly) different.

Dan Thies explains the difference between Link Building for Authority and Link Building for Reputation. Never thought of it this way, but it is so very much true. Like Dan points out, “presence builds presence”. You need to build links before you can get them naturally

Another great post is Loren Baker’s 11 Considerations when hiring a Link Building service. All of his considerations are questions you want to ask yourself while searching for a link building service. Even #7 (Links to their own site), because that’s something that usually is being put in last position by link building companies :) .

And also:

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