Link Building this Week (Nov. 9)

9 Nov

It’s quite interesting to see that almost every week, unintentionally, at least a few posts about link building basically discuss the same subject or are related in some way. This week’s “theme” is about preparing a link building campaign and preparing your website for this campaign as well.
Kelvin Newman writes about the fact that it’s really important to keep the 3-to-4-months-kick-in-delay in mind, when you’re planning the start and intensity of your link building efforts. Don’t start building links for your Christmas website on December 7th, but Tailor your Link Velocity to coincide with seasonal peaks in demand.
Another thing to keep in mind, is the fact that lots of websites copy your page title, when they’re linking to one of your pages. This is why you should optimize your title for links, because your title might be your anchor text. Brett provides a great tip to get the same effect for links from directories as well, at CopyBrighter. However, I doubt that a Fortune500 company will change it’s company website logo temporarily, just to get the ideal anchor text…
You can use these strategies during a “regular” link building campaign as well, by (temporarily) altering the title (the title tag and/ or what readers consider to be the page title) or even some parts of the content. It is a form of tricking people into linking to you, but in some cases, this may work pretty good.

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