Link Building this week (09-14)

14 Sep

Loren Baker discovered some nasty Link Building tactics from HitcounterMaster for By adding an invisible link to their widely spread hit counter, HitcounterMaster managed to get iDealPaydayLoans ranked first for Payday Loans. How about that. We’ve seen companies getting ranked with unintentional link bombs, other companies rank high because they’re too much of an authority, but ranking first on a multi-million keyword with nothing but invisible hit counter links?!? Come on, Google.

More Link Building this week:
The paid link debate still isn’t over yet. Jennifer Laycock’s concludes that ‘Google has the right to change the rules, but I have the right to ignore them‘ and Matt Thies keeps the discussion going as well. Search Engine Roundtable reports that the first signs of nofollow cloaking have already been spotted.

And also:

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