The Mother of All Linkbaits

18 Aug

A linkbait doesn’t need thousands of links to be successful, a few dozen high quality links can be more than enough. Of course, a mix of quantity and quality would be the ideal situation, but that’s pretty hard to accomplish. Today, an article in a newspaper pointed out a piece of research that -although it sure wasn’t meant as one- could easily take the title ‘mother of all linkbaits’.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities, a ranking of all universities worldwide, not only manages to get links from dozens of newspapers, blogs and other media related websites, but they get dozens of links from several top rated universities from all over the world as well. Each year!

Seriously, if you want to get links from universities (preferably from universities that offer studies related to your product), try to get their attention with things like related award, studies, or a piece of research link the ARWU. Even universities are proud of their awards.

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