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Winner of a SEMMY!

9 Feb

I know it’s a little bit late, but a few days ago, the winners of the SEMMYs were announced. One of my posts was nominated in the link building category. To my big surprise, my post with 69 link building techniques managed to beat Adam Audette’s link building fundamentals and Jeff Quipp’s list of 75+ […]

Nominated for a SEMMY

30 Jan

Just like last year, Matt McGee organized the SEMMYs, an “annual awards event honoring the great content produced across the search and online marketing industry”. A selection of 25 well-known judges have made a selection of 3 to 6 awesome posts from 2008 in 17 different categories. One of these categories happens to be a […] Redesign

14 Aug

When I started this blog little over a year ago, I set only little expectations. No specific targets but having fun writing about SEO and link building and improving my (English) writing skills. Although my writing skills remain far from perfect (I’d give myself a “that’ll do”), they certainly have improved and I’m still having […]

Using Spam in Your Advantage

8 Aug

Most people see spam as nothing but annoying. However, like I’ve mentioned before, there are lots of things you can use spam for. You’ll receive spam no matter what you do, so why not use it in your advantage? You’ve probably received the CNN Daily Top 10 email just as often as I did. Lots […]

The Don’t-Push-It Penalty

9 Jul

When I was playing around with my (referer) statistics a bit, I noticed that something strange was going on. After a little bit of digging, I noticed some new sort of penalty or filter. It’s not a minus 950 penalty or something like that, but more like a Till-Here-And-No-Further penalty. Earlier this year, received […]

Writing Killer Headlines: Top 30 Viagra SPAM Email Subject Lines

4 Jul

Are your ad pitches a bit outdated? Can’t think of a new angle to describe the product you’re selling? Then learn from the pros! Take a look at what kind of one-liners and which selling techniques are being used by marketers, who harass millions of people every single day with their commercial messages, and who […]

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