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Building Link Targeted Content That Works: Step 2 of 3 – Creating Content & Preparation

7 May

This is the second part of a three posts counting guide to building link targeted content. Part one was titled Researching for Inspiration & Brainstorming for Ideas. The first part of this series was a selection of tips on how to use your surroundings to come up with interesting ideas that can lead to great […]

Link Building Job Interview? Here’s 5 Questions to Ask

21 Apr

I’ve seen several SEO job interview related posts pass by, but I haven’t seen a link building related one yet. If you’re looking for a somewhat experienced link builder (I’m not talking about hiring a newbie that you’ll be training intensively here), there are a few questions I’d suggest asking your candidate. 1. What is […]

Building Link Targeted Content That Works: Step 1 of 3 – Researching for Inspiration & Brainstorming for Ideas

16 Apr

There’s no doubt that creating a valuable piece of content is a great way -and maybe even the best way- to attract links. However, when I mention link baiting (or link targeted content), I often get reactions like ‘it sounds nice, but link baiting probably isn’t the way to go for me’, or that ‘building […]

9 Reasons Why Automated Link Software Sucks

2 Apr

Just recently, someone asked me what automated link software I would recommend. When I asked him if he meant useful tools like Link Diagnosis, he made clear that he actually was looking for software that sends out a bucket load of unsolicited link request emails with the speed of sound to use for his main […]

Does Someone Have a Green Pen?

27 Mar

Last week, I noticed that the PageRank of dropped from 4 to 2. The PR of all internal pages, such as the Link Value Factors, dropped with two points as well, so this is clearly a manual PageRank penalty. After discussing this with several folks, the only reason I can think of why this […]

Link Building Tips You Can Get From Google’s Guideline Document

14 Mar

I’m sure that you’ve seen Google’s General Rating Guidelines by now. I won’t explain these complete guidelines here, so visit Blogoscoped for a summary or one of the original posts at SEO BlackHat or Brian Ussery for more info about this rater’s guide. When you read these guidelines (I’ve read it before, but it’s great […]

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