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8 Lessons I’ve Learned From Doing SEO

11 Jan

I just realized that it’s about eight years ago that I learned my first things about online marketing and SEO. It was during an internship while I was studying Marketing Management, and I could’ve never foreseen that this would be of such great influence on the rest of my career. During the past eight years, […]

Link Building with Content: Link Baiting vs. Guest Publishing

6 Dec

When I tell other people (who know a thing or two about SEO) that I’m a link builder, most of them will instantly associate this with hammering out two dozen link requests an hour. Because of the many, supposedly personalized, link trade requests (preferably three-way) they receive, most people think this is what a link […]

Link Building this Month (11.2010)

1 Dec

Although link building via press releases can be very efficient, I rarely see examples of people trying to get the maximum out of their PR strategy. Either they don’t bother (and don’t do it at all), or they take the cheap and easy route, and see their press release end up at FFA PR websites […]

Link Building with Infographics

3 Nov

During the past two years or so, infographics have turned from ‘a creative, new way to build links’, to the 2010 version of a Top 10 list. It’s quite common that over 50% of the titles on Digg’s front page contains [INFOGRAPHIC] during business days. Just like with regular content, I’ve seen examples of infographic […]

5 Reasons Why I Won’t Link to Your Website

16 Aug

When I’m in the middle of creating a new website or an in-depth blog article, one of things I usually do is making a list of which websites to link out to. Sometimes, visitors may find a resource page, a list with links to other relevant websites or a few in-content links very interesting. And […]

Link Building: It’s All In the Details

10 Aug

When it comes to link building (but with most other things as well) most people try to find shortcuts. They look for ‘secrets’, smart things that can get them to rank very quickly, preferably without any effort. Unfortunately, I have to say that there are no link building secrets, shortcuts or quick tricks. Well, except […]

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