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Link Building this Week (25.2008)

20 Jun

During conference season, you always see lots of (link building related) interviews pop up left and right, and apparently, it’s that time of the year already. Eric Enge interviewed Matt Cutts (and Brent D. Payne ‘translated’ the interview), Jason Billingsley captured Stephan Spencer on video and Patrick Altoft asked Lyndon Antcliff some interesting questions about […]

Link Building this Week (24.2008)

13 Jun

It looks like whole fakebait discussion is finally coming to an end. In stead of dozens of new topics, I only found two posts (and one -great!- video) touching the subject last week. Frank Watson tried to determine what valid linkbait is and Eric Ward explained why he thinks that relevance and authority depends on […]

Link Building this Week (23.2008)

6 Jun

While the value of a .edu tld still raises discussions, you can’t deny that a link on a .edu domain is usually pretty valuable. How to obtain .edu’s was part of Roger Montti’s link building presentation at the SMX Advanced (also covered by Virginia Nussey) and Dave Snyder also discussed the same topic. Another interesting […]

Link Building this Week (22.2008)

30 May

I find that posts and articles, that look at link marketing at a slightly different way than usual, always are extra interesting to read. Looking at things from a different angle tends to open doors to new perspectives. David Mihm’s post about Why citation is the new link is such an article. He analyzed local […]

Link Building this Week (21.2008)

25 May

A bit later than usual, but better late than no Link Building this Week at all… A great post I came across last week is Garrett French’s Guide to getting maximum link value from your content. This bookmark worthy article details key strategies, tools and resources for maximizing the link value of your content. It […]

Link Building this Week (20.2008)

16 May

In stead of listing the most interesting topics of the past week, this is the first time that I’ll post the most interesting image of last week. Masterbaiter Lyndon Antcliff caused quite a lot of stir when he published that the news item about a boy ordering hookers with a stolen credit card was in […]

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