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Advertising Strategies that Improve Your Link Popularity

18 Feb

Just like ‘regular’ marketing, you can roughly divide link marketing into two categories; push link marketing (the good old link building) and pull link marketing (link baiting). This division, however, seems to be a very strict one, as I don’t see a lot of folks mixing up pull and push link marketing in order to […]

Link Building Strategies: Blackhat Edition

2 Sep

Unlike with the previous Link Building Strategies posts, I’d like to start with a short disclaimer-like opening. Like the title says, this is the blackhat edition. Well, not technically blackhat, but it sure as hell isn’t a strategy that I’d use for clients. So you’re probably better off not to use this tactic for your […]

Link Building Strategies: Big Brand Link Building

16 Jul

Tamar Weinberg pointed to an interesting topic over at the HighRankings forums about link building for big brands. Although the thread was opened over a year ago, the discussion lit up again and the subject remains interesting. A good reason to dedicate this episode of Link Building Strategies to link building for big brands. So […]

Link Building Strategies: Product Reviews

20 May

This is the first part of a brand new series, which will be featuring specific link building strategies every once in a while. Every ‘Link Building Strategies‘ post will explain what the benefits of the featured strategy are and it will give tips on when and how to use this tactic. This first part will […]