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Link Building with Content: Link Baiting vs. Guest Publishing

6 Dec

When I tell other people (who know a thing or two about SEO) that I’m a link builder, most of them will instantly associate this with hammering out two dozen link requests an hour. Because of the many, supposedly personalized, link trade requests (preferably three-way) they receive, most people think this is what a link […]

SEO is Dead

28 Oct

Actually it really isn’t, but a headline like this always attracts lots of links and tweets from people in the industry, so I thought I’d give it a try as well. Now I’ll just sit back and watch the links pour in. When I was talking at Distilled‘s (excellent!) ProSeo event earlier this week, this […]

My Link Baiting Idea Generation Process

14 Dec

We all know that link baiting can be one of the efficient ways of getting more websites to link to yours (if you don’t, please go read these articles first). However, there’s a huge difference between knowing that it could work, and actually being successful with it. In my opinion, there are five important success […]

Linkbait: Good Content Isn’t Good Enough

14 Oct

Just recently, I was talking with someone about a linkbait campaign. He suggested that, instead of creating one page with outstanding content, it might be better to create two pages with good content for the same price. I didn’t agree with this, and we had a discussion about this topic, which lead to an (in […]

Link Building Strategies: 69 Solid Tactics For 2009

2 Dec

Six and a half years ago (which is ages, in Internet years), Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander compiled a legendary list of 131 legitimate link building strategies. Four years later, Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans published 101 link building tips to market your website, which was inspired by the other article. Considering the […]

The Mother of All Linkbaits

18 Aug

A linkbait doesn’t need thousands of links to be successful, a few dozen high quality links can be more than enough. Of course, a mix of quantity and quality would be the ideal situation, but that’s pretty hard to accomplish. Today, an article in a newspaper pointed out a piece of research that -although it […]

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