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Google Doesn’t Allow Link Building Ads

16 May

I knew that Google stopped allowing ads for search phrases like ‘buy links‘ and ‘text link ads‘ a while ago, but apparently, Google stopped accepting ads for ‘link building‘ as well. After doing some research, I found out that a member at WMW noticed this too, around a month ago. According to the Google AdWords […]

How to use Google AdWords to find new links

16 Sep

In the process of finding links and determining which links are actually valuable, Google can play a bigger role than you’d expect. Google can tell you exactly which website is of high quality, is relevant to your website, attracts lots of visitors or can provide lots of conversions. Google can even provide information about the […]

Online ad spending of the top 25 US advertising companies

10 Sep

While there are companies that use nothing but online advertising, some companies still almost neglect the web. Most of these companies are the top overall advertisers. AdAge released the 2007 edition of the Top 100 US Advertising Companies (pdf, or via this html link) a while ago, but I stumbled upon it this weekend. Research […]

Danny Sullivan: new job at Vizion, or is he a scam?

17 Aug

When I was writing up a post this morning, I checked to see who used AdWords for their personal name. Besides the fact that I, strangely enough, noticed that only very few use this strategy, I came across these ads. So I guess Danny found a new job at Vizion, or is he just a […]

Monitor the demand for your personal brand

17 Aug

It has been mentioned before, online marketing is like a big popularity contest. When you enter a popularity contest (since you’re probably in to SEO, you already have), you’ll want to know your score. The score for your company and/ or website isn’t very hard to track. Just monitor your rankings, visitors, sales, subscribers or […]

Personalized Google ads

20 Jul

A colleague who’s really into Google AdWords showed me a great example of personalized Google ads. In some cases, Google shows ads that are related to your previous search queries. It even works when all cookies are deleted and you aren’t signed in to your Google account or whatever. The searches must be executed in […]