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But what about the rankings?

25 Oct

A Google PageRank update (a bigger one than earlier this month) has punished large scale blog networks and similar heavy cross linking sites by cutting their PageRank scores. The update also hit several sites that sell (or sold) direct links. Some of the large sites that got hit: (both network and selling links) […]

Thanks, Bluehost. You suck!

25 Oct

Messages like “Problem Loading Page” suck. Especially when it’s your website returning that message. Like, for an entire day or so. When I made the choice for cheap in stead of reliable, I could expect going down within 9 seconds after hitting the Digg frontpage, but almost 24 hours downtime because of “file maintenance” without […]

Easy-to-access Link Building data: 404s

23 Oct

Today, I realized, that in stead of writing about When to Stop Your Link Building Activities, I should have been discussing where to start your link building activities first. So let’s discuss an example of really easy-to-access data you can use while starting up your link building campaign. The starting point of your link building […]

Is this new?

22 Oct

Maybe this is something that has already existed for ages (like, for 2 years or so), but I didn’t notice it before. When you enter a URL in the search container that doesn’t exist, Google shows one or a few similar URLs. Nice feature, but The Women in Periodical Publishing?!? Edit: Thanks Joost, apparently I […]

Link Building this Week (Oct. 19)

19 Oct

Compared to last week, this week was a pretty quiet week, Link Building wise. I guess the SMX (where Linkbait got covered a lot) has something to do with it. Patrick Altoft got all linky this week, by writing about Linkbait (as well) and by showing a link policy that looks like it’s from 1999. […]

When to end your Link Marketing activities

17 Oct

Several clients have asked this in the past and Vinny Goldsmith got me thinking about this subject as well, by writing about What to do when you’re already ranking #1 in SEOmoz’ UGC section; When can I end my link marketing activities? Well, you can’t pull the plug from link marketing. Ever. Link marketing is, […]

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