Link Building Articles

This page contains nothing but links to interesting why-to, what-to and how-to-Link Building articles, divided into three categories; Must reads, Link Building and Link Baiting. It will be updated continuously. If you think that I missed an article, that would fit in on this page perfectly, please drop me an email. Even if that article happens to be one of your own ;)

Must reads

The Fundamentals of Link Building (Adam Audette)
A very useful article, especially for those who are new to link building. Adam explains nearly every aspect of link building.

131 Link Building Strategies (Chris Sherman, SEW)
Although this article is like a thousand years old (it’s from 2002), it still contains a bucket load of valuable information. I shouldn’t use strategies like ”Host your own Web Ring’ anymore, but you can always check out Aaron Wall’s 2006 version.

Link building with the experts (Rae Hoffman)
Ten link building experts ask each other interesting questions about link building, while sharing knowledge, insights and useful tips at the same time. An excellent read!

Link Building

69 Link building strategies for 2009 (Yours truly)
I tried to compile a list with tips that nearly every site owner can use a jump start for the link marketing campaign of his or her website.

10 Goals For Link Building Campaigns: Moving Beyond “Get More Links” (Garrett French, SEL)
Simply ‘obtaining more links’ isn’t a good goal. Garrett lists several goals you could set for your link marketing campaign.

12 types of links and how to get them (Stuntdubl)
Discusses twelve different types of links and also shows how you can obtain those types of links or mix them up in your Link Building strategy.

RAT Link Value Checklist (Peter van der Graaf)
Every valuable link offers Relevant Authority Transfer or RAT. Peter discusses which factors are important and how much effort you should make to get a certain link.

Tips for finding the best pages to get links from (Jim Boykin)
Ok, so you’ve found a great website that wants to link to you. How do you find out what page would be the best (and most valuable) fit for your websites? Jim Boykin tells you.

Quality Link Building (Alan Rabinowitz, SEJ)
Great article about how to obtain links through Social Media and how to attract links from .edu and .gov domains.

The Backlink Theory (Michael Martinez)
This article explains why you need backlinks in search engine optimization and how these links can result in better rankings. Not a very ordinary link building article, but from a great point of view.

Link Baiting

2007 Guide to Linkbaiting (Nick Wilson, SEL)
Written by someone who was already discussing Link Baiting back in 2005, this excellent piece covers Widgetbait and other Link Baiting techniques for 2007.

20 Link Baiting techniques (Darren Rowse, ProBlogger)
Have you used almost every bit of your creativity and you can’t come up with new ideas anymore? Check out Darren Rowse’s article, which will give you 20 new Link Baiting hooks.

Brainstorming for Link Bait (SEOmoz)
A good idea is your key to success, so you’d better be brainstorming properly. This 4 step approach should be able to make you more effective in thinking of more and better Link Baiting ideas.

The Enormous Link Baiting Articles List (Cornwall SEO)
While only about 2% of this article isn’t in between a <a> and a </a> tag, it is really valuable for those who are looking for Link Baiting information. Around 75 links to more Link Baiting stuff. Wow.

Link Baiting: Hooks revisited (Stuntdubl)
Todd Malicoat talks about which angles you can use to approach link acquisition for your website. A great read with some great tips.

Link Baiting: Which Hook Attracts the Right Fish? (
This article explains why you have to set a goal for every link baiting campaign and how choosing the right hook can help you to achieve your goal.