The SEMMYs: My Personal Favorites

26 Jan

semmysJust like last year, SmallBusinessSEM‘s Matt McGee is hosting the SEMMYs, an annual awards event for search engine marketing content. So in case you took a sabbatical last year and want to catch up, I would advize you to take a look at all the great stuff that was nominated this year.

Until the 29th of January, you can vote for your favorite article in 17 different categories. I was nominated in the link building category, but because I hate those “hey, I was nominated, please vote for me here”-posts, I’ll list my personal favorites from all 17 categories first. And then I’ll ask you to vote for me afterwards ;)

SEOHow user data, links & document scoring may be used in the “brand” algorithm – Patrick Altoft (Blogstorm)
Reading patents is hard. Who -except Dave Harry or Bill Slawski– can read 293 pages of technical mumbojumbo without falling asleep, right? Well, that’s why I loved Patrick’s article, since he recapped a very interesting Google patent in ‘normal’ wordings.

PPC7 Incredibly valuable but underused free tools tor PPC marketers – Brad Geddes (SEL)
Although I don’t use PPC very often, I like reading about it every now and then. I had hoped to learn a little bit more from the finalists in this category, but because I love tools, Brad Geddes’ article is my favorite here.

Social Media7 Reasons your Social Media Marketing failed (and how to fix it!) – Todd Malicoat (Stuntdubl)
He wrote my personal favorite link building article of last year as well, but wasn’t nominated in the link building category, to my surprise. Since I am one of the contributors of the SEMMYs, I considered it to be partly my fault that his article didn’t end up on the judges’ table, so this was my sorry-Todd-I’ll-vote-for-you-in-this-category-in-stead vote. And a great article, obviously.

Local searchThe Local Search Ranking Factors: Ranking High in Google Maps and Yahoo Local – David Mihm (Mihmorandum)
An excellent resource, written by an expert in local search. Whether you’re an experienced local search marketer, or you’re new and want to learn about it, this article is a must-read.

Blogs & bloggingGuest blogging: the ultimate guide – Glen Allsopp (Viperchill)
The finalists in this category were all excellent reads, and I voted for Glen Allsopp’s article about guest blogging. Not only because guest blogging can be a very effective link building technique, but also because his articles describes almost every aspect of the process.

Viral MarketingHere’s hard data for headlines that spread on Twitter – Dan Zarrella (Copyblogger)
A good and catchy headline can be the difference between failure or success of your marketing campaign. Dan Zarrella analysed thousands of headlines and published his findings.

AnalyticsGoogle Analytics maximized: deeper analysis, higher ROI & you – Avinash Kaushik (
Ten awesome analytics tips and the dozen-or-so links to additional analytics articles are more than enough to get you through one of those rainy Sunday afternoons.

Reputation ManagementOnline Reputation Management Guide – Rhea Drysdale (Outspoken Media)
I can not think of a reason why this article shouldn’t win. Pure online reputation management awesomeness.

Small BusinessIf I were launching a new small biz web site today – Matt McGee (Small Biz Trends)
Excellent, in-depth actionable advice for both new and existing companies. Matt shares his findings of I-don’t-know-how-many years of experience, which is probably invaluable to starting small businesses.

GoogleBig brands? Google brand promotion: new search engine rankings place heavy emphasis on branding – Aaron Wall (SEObook)
Google’s brand update had (and still has) quite some impact on search engine rankings, as of February last year. Aaron Wall shows where and how big brands managed to get good rankings, and introduced the brand update to a lot of people.

Search TechThe SEO geeks guide to information retrieval – Dave Harry (Huomah)
I mentioned how difficult reading search patents can be earlier. Well, this page contains 250+ links to such content. How about that for rainy Sunday afternoons…

Design & Usability25-point Website usability checklist – Dr. Peter J. Meyers (UserEffect)
It was either this one, or Daniel Ritzenthaler’s Taking the guesswork out of design, but Dr. Pete’s article won because it was numbered, and therefore more user friendly :).

Online Marketing/ GeneralWhy trust matters & how to earn it – Matt McGee (SmallBusinessSEM)
Matt McGee asked a few dozen people to answer a bunch of questions about trust, and how to earn it online.

Industry – 10 Questions to evaluate a social media ‘expert’ – Ian Lurie (Conversation Marketing)
I love Ian’s writing style and probably hate those ‘social media gurus’ just as much as he does.

Copywriting50 Trigger words and phrases for powerful multimedia content – Brian Clark (Copyblogger)
Brian Clark highlights 50 words that invoke and engage emotion. Whether you’re a copywriter or have to create some PPC ads every now and then, this is a great read.

RantsWhat is the difference between Google’s secrecy & your privacy? – Aaron Wall (SEObook)
As a Googler, you can’t say something like “If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place” to Aaron Wall, and think you can get away with it.

Link Building – I was quite surprised to see that both of my articles that were nominated made it into the finals, especially when I noticed that Gab’s 101 link buying tips and a few other great posts didn’t make it. My indispensable link building tools probably doesn’t deserve to win, but I think Link building from A to Z (a Youmoz entry) might stand a chance.

If you agree, you can vote for the post right here. And since it’s a Youmoz post, Rand (who’s also nominated in the same category) also wins a little bit, so it’s basically the best choice you can make ;)

8 Responses to “The SEMMYs: My Personal Favorites”

  1. Glen Allsopp January 26, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    Thanks for the mention, Wiep.

    Much appreciated. I have been nominated twice for a SEMMY and never won, so no fingers crossed this time ;).

    – Glen

  2. Andy January 26, 2010 at 4:27 pm #

    Just voted Link building A-Z. Great article.

  3. David Mihm January 26, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    Hey Wiep,

    Thanks so much for your praise of the Local Search Ranking Factors. There were a ton of great entries in Local Search this year!

  4. Dave January 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    Hullo bro… thanks for the pimperatti action. I do have to agree that there was more than a few entries that I felt should have made the cut (even at the expense of my own). It was almost disheartening actually that a LIST was the only finalist for me. It almost invalidates the entire year’s effort. To bad we didn’t have a more democratic element to the approach beyond merely voting on ‘chosen’ finalists. Either way, all just fun.

    @Glen, happy for ye man and I hope U do win. I got one last year (for ranting) and that’s enough for me. When nominated, almost felt I wished a few other peeps were in there as I had a few too many (7) I’d trade in.

    Anyway, Wiep, Glen and David, great work with or without peer acceptance or not. Keep it up, my newsletter thanks you!

  5. Julia Gary January 28, 2010 at 8:57 am #

    It can really benefit a guy who want to get entered in the field of SEO and also those who need to upgrade their previous knowledge, so its good for those men only…

  6. Wiep January 28, 2010 at 9:12 am #

    @Glen – I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)

    @Andy – Thanks!

    @David – With all those great articles, I can’t imagine how much time it has cost the judges to select the finalists.

    @Dave – Yeah, lists are always great, huh? ;) The problem with almost every contest, is that at least a few potential winners will be left out. Whether it’s not selected because of a judge’s personal taste, or simply because it hasn’t been seen. Any set-up has it advantages and disadvantages, and I’m sure that Matt has carefully thought about every possible option.

  7. Todd January 29, 2010 at 12:05 am #

    Thanks for the kind words man – always impressed on the link building articles I see you write as well! Cheers!

  8. Andrew@BloggingGuide January 29, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    Congratulations on the nomination! Voted on Link Building from A to Z. More power!