Awww, man!

27 Oct

Google just updated their toolbar PageRank score for the third time in three weeks. The score you’re seeing in the toolbar at this moment has probably been exported on the 2nd of October, somewhere between 3.45pm and 8.55pm.

As of today, is a PageRank 3, which sucks in my opinion. I really liked that big fat zero!

Ah, well, I think it’s kind of flattering to receive the same score as YouTube

One Response to “Awww, man!”

  1. Boris October 31, 2007 at 5:20 am #

    It seems very interesting… Many of those small players who had a zero now have been bestowed with a PR of 3. It happened on both of my blogs… But it still has not effected traffic or search rankings… Hmmm…