Link Building this Week (Nov. 2)

2 Nov

On of the best posts I read in quite a while is SearchEnginePeople’s post about Offline Links. In stead of submitting your website to a directory, you can now stick your website to a lamp post, put it on your business card or print your deeplink in a magazine. Endless possibilities. Technology like this makes it even more necessary to fully integrate Link Marketing in your other marketing activities.

Just like Debra, I also am quite a directory addict. That’s one reason why I love her post about the use and usefulness of directories. The other reason is because of the promotional codes. Want $20 off of a Aviva listing? Need 20% discount on a BOTW submission? Go read her post!

Linkbaiting can be the most cost efficient way to build links. A great post about this is Marcos Azaro’s post about The Spiral of Silence. Another tip is Patrick Altoft’s Linkbait School. His introduction price of $199 for a 13 page report and 1 hour of one on one consulting is really cheap, even when you happen to be a really experienced linkbaiter. The worst case scenario is that you only find one useful tip you didn’t think of, and 200 bucks for a tip that may lead to a better result is peanuts.

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2 Responses to “Link Building this Week (Nov. 2)”

  1. Adam Taylor November 2, 2007 at 2:30 pm #

    Lovely :) – I really enjoy these link building round up posts. One day I shall become the master of link building, one day… until then I’ll keep reading your blog!

  2. Wiep November 2, 2007 at 2:37 pm #

    Adam; Thanks. That’s the reason why I write these posts every week ;)