Link Building this Month (08.2010)

1 Sep

SEO seems to have a questionable reputation, unfortunately, which is comparable to the reputation of car salesmen and lawyers. I’m sure that, like in any other industry, over 80% of the people working in it has the best intentions, but it’s tactics like this and threads like this that give both the 80% and the other 20% a bad name. That’s just how things work, and “92 reasons why SEOs are God’s gift to humanity”-type posts usually only make it worse. You are now a car salesman, deal with it.

Now on to today’s main concern for many of these SEOs: getting links (legitimately). One way to get links is via PR. And although many news websites and journalists don’t link out very often, there are still lots of ways to get links from newspapers. Just make sure that your pitch is ok, that you’re pitching the right person in the right way, and you’ll double your chances of success. Keep in mind, though, that influence != popularity.

And more great articles:

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2 Responses to “Link Building this Month (08.2010)”

  1. Jason September 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm #

    It’s kind of hard to look for great and linkable contents these days that actually are from not that popular sites. it makes me think though that the measurement of link bait materials – as of these SEO generation – are mostly favorable to already well established blogs, even their contents are not that great, their marketing efforts through social channels are still making it possible for there “not so good” contents to be linkable. That’s just my opinion.


  2. Shawn @ McConnell Group October 4, 2010 at 3:54 am #

    I agree with Jason, when link building people tend to turn to high PR or do-follow type sites for links, it’s unfortunate but seems to be the trend.