Link Building this Month (03.2010)

1 Apr

Compared to last month, it’s been relatively quiet in terms of link building articles. I guess lots of people were just too busy, crafting their April Fools jokes in an attempt to get some extra links :)

A must-read for any SEO is Eric Enge’s interview with Matt Cutts. He confirms a lot of things most people already assumed, but you can get even more info out of the interview when you try to read between the lines.

As of now, Steve Herrmann is my favorite BBC editor. He published the BBC’s new link policy, which is -in my opinion- an excellent shift forward, as lots of news websites seem to have difficulties linking to their sources. Combine news websites that are not afraid to link out with a solid PR strategy and the ability to get an influencer’s attention, and you’ll definitely be successful.

And also:

And a few link building presentations:

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