Link Building Strategies: What Kind of Car do You Drive?

16 Oct

Link Building strategies are like cars; you have cheap ones and expensive types, there are fast ones and slow examples and while some are built to run just a few miles, others have an enormous stamina. So, what kind of car do you drive?

Yugo a.k.a. The Link Neglecter
Cheap, old and unreliable. While a car like this might be suitable for some, most of us wouldn’t like to be seen in one of these. On the other hand, a Yugo might be just enough to get where you want to go, in some occasions.

Pros: They move forward, apparently…
Cons: Can’t figure this one out on your own?

Volvo Station a.k.a. The Average Joe
Reliable, but boring. The typical soccer mom car. Build to last a lifetime, but (just like with people) those last years won’t be their best years.

Pros: You can hit a moose with a Volvo and still be able to get out without a scratch.
Cons: Do you know the feeling when someone drives past you when you’re driving 45 mph on the highway? That sucks, doesn’t it?

Toyota Prius a.k.a. The Whiter Than White Hat
By driving a Toyota Prius, you kind of help out the environment. This hybrid car has an enormous stamina (34 miles per gallon!) and a high safety level. Maximum endurance, but a slow starter.

Pros: A Prius is good for the environment and will run thousands of miles on a tank of gas
Cons: Although it really is a very good car, is it fun to drive a Prius?

Drag racer a.k.a. The Link Spammer
These cars are built to only last a few hundred yards. You can’t drive a dragster for a long time, they’re built for sprinting only. While might be a lot of fun to drive these types of cars (man, these things are fast!), making it to the next gas station is out of the question. You’ll never make it.

Pros: It’s fun, it’s fast and if you’re good at drag racing, you might earn a few bucks with it.
Cons: Stamina. You can’t even make it around the corner.

Formula 1 car a.k.a The Link Buyer
The car amongst cars. Formula One is the race amongst races. Twelve teams compete for the ultimate prize: The Formula 1 Championship Title. And the team with the richest sponsors wins almost every time.

Pros: It’s fast and you’ve got a whole team working just for you, while millions are watching.
Cons: What happens if someone takes away your sponsors?

Mitsubishi Evo Wagon a.k.a. The Sweet Spot
Enough space for the daily groceries and enough safety to transport your kids without having to worry. A Japanese model (which means: built to last a century) with the looks of an Italian sports car. The ultimate all-in-one package.

Pros: What kind of car has a killer design and can bring home your kids safely at the same time?
Cons: High maintenance.

So what’s up with the cars?
The cars are meant to illustrate that, although it can be fun to drive one of those fast cars sometimes, most people will choose for endurance and safety and end up in a Toyota Prius or a Volvo.
If you’re one of those lucky bastards, you might even drive a Mitubishi Evo Wagon some day. Or have multiple cars.

So, what kind of car do you drive?

2 Responses to “Link Building Strategies: What Kind of Car do You Drive?”

  1. Manic Panic May 21, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

    Hi Wiep,

    You just know someone out here has a Yugo or a Skoda don’t you. Mines a 10 year old Audi A4 110BHP TDI Avant Estate. Had it for 3 years it’s still worth what I paid for it, it wont depreciate any more. It still gives me 57 miles to the gallon and goes like the proverbial brown stuff of a wet shovel or wet spade depending upon where you live.

    Manic Panic

  2. Copywriting June 20, 2009 at 4:27 am #

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