Link Marketing this Month (03.2009)

4 Apr

A bit later than usual (I’ve been away on vacation for about a week), but here’s Link Marketing this Month with the best link marketing related posts from March.

One of my favorite posts of the year so far is Lisa Barone’s killer tips for getting links and content from Flickr, where she explains how the Flickr community can contribute to your content AND help you to promote it. Great stuff.

Also, Gyutae Park mentioned 5 ways to optimize your existing links. Especially his first point, asking links from someone who’s linked to you before, can work like a charm. Combine this with Lisa’s earliermentioned tips, a solid blogger pitching strategy, and probably some offline marketing, and a solid amount of awesome links is a near certainty.

And also:

One Response to “Link Marketing this Month (03.2009)”

  1. Gyutae Park April 7, 2009 at 6:18 pm #

    Hey Wiep,
    As usual, thanks so much for including me. It’s quite an honor to be mentioned with all of those great names in the search industry. Cheers! :)