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30 Dec

In stead of making up for the Link Building this Week posts I’ve missed during the past few weeks (I was quite busy changing diapers and stuff :) ), here’s my view on what happened in the field of Link Building this Year. Although it’s near impossible to capture a year of link building posts in a dozen-or-so links, I’ll still give it a try. Sure, it isn’t as thoroughly as Tamar’s Internet Marketing Top 250, but this also means that it doesn’t take you a week to wade through all links!

New to link building? Look no further!
Debra Mastaler compiled a great intro into Link Building which will be used by rookie link builders for a very long while (at least it will be used by mine :) ). After reading Debra’s article, make sure to check out Michael Martinez’ Beginners Guide as well.

Link lists always work like a charm.
And that’s why Brandon Hopkins’ 66 Ways to build links in 2007 probably will be read quite often in 2008 as well.

Relevance, Authority and Transfer.
A great post that you might have missed is Peter van der Graaf’s post about RAT Link Value. The value of a link is something that has also been discussed by Matt McGee.

There are no absolutes in Link Building.
This is something that the Link Value Factors made clear as well; There Are No Absolutes in Linking!

Interviews tell you a lot!
Link Building interviews rock, so SugarRae’s Link Developer Group Interview sure is worth a read. So are Peter da Vanzo’s interviews with Aaron Wall and Michael Gray and Aaron Wall’s interview with Debra Mastaler, by the way.

Google got angry: Selling Links Can Hurt Your Site!
This resulted in a lot of coverage and community discussion and lead to multiple penalties and other weird reprimands. I’m sure this item will continue in 2008…

And a honorable mentioning goes out to…
Things to consider when hiring a Link Building firm, by Loren Baker
– 15 Link Building Methods, by Alexandru
7 Tips for Training Link Developers, by Justilien Gaspard
Build Links like a Hare Krisha, by Jonathan Fields
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Link Builders, by Debra Mastaler
Building Links for Authority and Reputation, by Dan Thies
What Makes a Good Directory, by Rand Fishkin
11 Guidelines for Attracting Authorative Links, by Eric Enge

I might have missed something, so please drop me a comment if you know a post that should have been included.

3 Responses to “Link Building this Year”

  1. Todd Mintz December 31, 2007 at 3:48 pm #

    If there was a “linking article of the year”, your “Link Value Factors” certainly was it.

  2. Wiep January 2, 2008 at 2:25 pm #

    I’m glad you liked it, Todd :)

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