Link Building this Week (29.2008)

18 Jul

Dave Eaves published the results of an excellent piece of research; he tried to determine how good the mainstream media are at linking out. It would be quite interesting to track conduct this research on a regular basis in order to see patterns. For example, I noticed a drop in outbound links from specific news websites after the last Pagerank massacre. This would require a LOT more manual work, though…

Dave Harry provided a few excellent tips on how you can use keyword research to diversify your link profile. Although he maybe went a little bit too far into depth, his post is a great read for “understanding the role that your keyword research can play as far as designating and assigning related link texts”.

And also:

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  1. Dave July 18, 2008 at 2:21 pm #

    Yo bro…. thanks for the love, glad it was entertaining. As for going too far…. he he… dats how we roll mate!!