Link Building this week (28.2008)

11 Jul

The question ‘does only the first anchor count or not’ discussion is still pretty hot. While Johannes Beus stated that only the first anchor counts (credits), Michael Martinez tried to show that at least some of the tests are bit biased. Debra Mastaler did something that apparently nobody thought about; she just asked Matt Cutts for input. He replied, but still didn’t answer the question, unfortunately…

Yahoo! finally got in the news a few times without having Microsoft in the page’s title. Eric Enge interviewed Yahoo!’s Priyank Garg (of which Matt McGee highlighted a few interesting details) and opens with the question ‘Can you talk a little bit about the role that links play in Yahoo’s ranking algorithms?’. Well, I guess that Yahoo!’s patent for anchor text relevance in search indexing answers this pretty much.

More link building headlines:

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