Link Building this Week (15.2008)

11 Apr

Sometimes it looks like every blogpost I run into has something to do with link building, while during other weeks it’s hard to find good link building related stuff. This week is just one of those low-on-links-weeks, so it seems (if I missed you or something interesting, please let me know!). I guess everybody’s busy preparing for the holiday season, like Debra :)

Patrick Winfield has been busy this week. He not only explains how you can turn a stock photo into a unique picture that says more, but he also mentions how you can improve your linkbait headers. Using his tips will make sure that your piece of content meets the fifth component of great linkbait.

And also:

One Response to “Link Building this Week (15.2008)”

  1. Larry April 14, 2008 at 12:39 pm #

    link-building imo is easy … after one initial big hard step :D … and the first step is:
    – make a website valuable to your surfers + make a website valuable to your webmasters (buy listings at botw,; make sure to get listed on dmoz – easy if you know how to :P; get PR4+)

    then the linkbuilding is fairly easy because everyone wants a link from you :-O