Link Building this Week (14.2008)

4 Apr

Earlier this week, Eric Ward wrote a column on SearchEngineLand about link building best practices. This post got submitted to Sphinn and, for some reason, resulted in quite a few comments. While I do think that there are better posts out there than this week’s column, I also think that there’s waaaay more mediocre stuff out there that gets a lot more positive attention, so the post certainly didn’t deserve those negative comments. On the other hand, these negative comments resulted in Eric Ward starting a new link building Q&A blog

Rand Fishkin got the idea (don’t worry Stoney, you’ll get some credits as well ;) ) to ask people to share their favorite link building techniques. This resulted in a post with quite a few interesting comments with link building tips. Funny to see that one day later, David Naylor used the same approach :)

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  1. Link Building Bible April 4, 2008 at 6:03 pm #

    These “Link Building This Week” posts are really helpful to find some gems one might have missed.

    I had seen the Rand Fishkin article, and I find it funny that David Naylor started the same thing a day later…