Link Building this week (Oct. 5)

5 Oct

I noticed two subjects got a lot of attention during the past few days. One of them is the good old paid link discussion that has been going on since, well, since like forever.
Aaron Wall explains How You Can Rent a Million Links and Stay Under the Radar and even Forbes (out of all websites) covers the paid link debate. Rand Fishkin reacts to this post by outing several websites that sell links without complying to Google’s paid link policy. I don’t know his real motive for publicizing these websites, but I certainly will monitor both these domains and the websites they link to during the past few weeks. Just to see where penalties suddenly appear and where not.

The other subject is a much better discussion; it’s the debate of quality links. While Julie Joyce explains Why Relevant Links are Irrelevant, Debra Mastaler adds that a link is Sometimes Just a Damn Link. The third woman in this list is GoogleLady, who made the Top 6 List Why Link Building is Harder This Year. If it wasn’t for Justilien Gaspard’s post about Link Value (part one), this discussion would be a ‘Girl Power’ discusussion.

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