Link Building this Week (02.2008)

11 Jan

During the past week, I came across two outstanding posts. The first one is XMCP’s Guide to effective link building, which contains a lot of useful tips to consider while working on your link marketing strategy.
Another great post was Justilien‘s column at SearchEngineWatch, named The top 5 SEO and Link Building Challenges for 2008. Just like Justilien, I am also a bit concerned about the fact that webmasters are getting more and more afraid of linking out. Google’s anti paid link campaign has already resulted in the fact that some journalists of newspaper websites that got hit during this crusade will think twice before linking out to an other website.

Patrick of 10e20 gave his linkbait graphics post of last week a great follow up by showing how he would approach a specific case. Rand also wrote another post about the same subject, he provides some great tips on how to let your linkbait stand out from the crowd.

And also:

2 Responses to “Link Building this Week (02.2008)”

  1. Patrick January 11, 2008 at 4:45 pm #

    Hi Wiep, Thank you for the link. Some great resources you have listed. Loved the guerilla marketing ideas- now I just have to find a rocket! ;)

  2. Wayne Liew January 15, 2008 at 2:22 am #

    Thanks for the link love.

    Getting links is one of the ways to build up the presence of a blog in the blogosphere. No doubt that it might come together with traffic or might bring in traffic but the blogger himself must place his own effort to get the links coming in.

    Nice list, Wiep. ;-)