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New Link Building Tool: BuzzStream

13 Mar

There are lots and lots of link building tools, but good and useful link building tools are very rare. LinkDiagnosis and Majestic SEO are both awesome for analyzing purposes and both SEObook and Internet Marketing Ninjas offer a few great other (paid) tools for link building. But that’s about it. Earlier this week, however, I […]

There’s a New Tool in Town

29 Jan

This is the living proof that you really should consider guest posting from time to time. A guest post from Janusz on pointed me to his link analysis tool; Link Diagnosis. This is a great FireFox plugin, that analyzes link profiles very thoroughly. Check out the post at Blogstorm for some screen shots or […] in audio: Odiogo

27 Jul

Earlier this week, I StumbledUpon Michelle MacPhearson’s blog (see, it works). On her blog, I noticed a weird plugin next to the PlugIM and Sphinn buttons. When I clicked it, I was quite impressed. There are several audio tools and plugins available for blogs, but I never came across one that was 100% understandable. The […]

Clip ‘n Save

10 Jul

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid review. I am not affiliated with Clip ‘n Save/ Dynalink Technologies in any way, nor am I making money with this blog post. A rel=”this_is_not_an_ad” tag has been attached to all links in this post. When you’re building a website, you’ll need some images. And if you can’t shoot […]

That’s it, Alexa sucks!

2 Jul

I’ve had some doubts about Alexa as a metrics tool, but now I’m sure: it stinks. Don’t get me wrong; I already knew that Alexa is far from flawless, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Because this blog is still in beta (you’ve got to keep it 2.0…) I haven’t posted a link […]

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