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Link Baiting: Do you control the link flow or do you 301 it all?

29 Nov

Yesterday, when I was doing some research on Digg, I spotted a page that I had seen before and wanted to check it out once more. This page in question managed to get to the front page about three months ago, but when I tried to visit it today through Digg, it wouldn’t load anymore. […]

Digg doesn’t want me to make friends overseas

25 Sep

Ok, this will be my final post about Digg for now, I promise. This blog is supposed to be about Link Building, but Digg managed to get me a little upset during the past few days (hey, this works great, thanks for the tip, Muhammad ;) ) What really got me frustrated during the past […]

The Digg Police: over 750 posts about the new Digg got buried

22 Sep

It’s obvious that not everybody is equally happy about the recent changes at Digg. While Technorati shows an increase in blog posts about Digg, it’s weird to see that only one negative post made it to the front page. And it wasn’t even a really negative post. So what happened to all those other Digg […]

Digg profile redesign: See who your REAL friends are

20 Sep

Digg launched the new profile looks yesterday and some big changes have been implemented. New features like multiple profile pictures, information about your personal interests, links to your own various websites, the possibility to add a bio and an IM-like system called ‘shouts’ are live already. More features, including Digg Images, Digg Suggest and Digg […]


26 Jul

I know this must be something like the 862nd way-too-positive post about StumbleUpon, but it really is one of my favourite websites. It rocks for serving me great, fun and relevant websites when I start stumbling. It especially rocks for bringing me lots and lots of visitors. Even though I received links from websites like […]