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Trust + keywords + link = Good ranking (or: How Matt Cutts got ranked for “Buy Cheap Viagra”)

18 Jul

Let’s say you’re targeting keywords with a high competion and with an extremely high spam density. Something like “Buy cheap viagra online”. The top 10 in Google is filled with a couple of .edu’s, a .gov and a few other domains. Looks really competitive to me. Now go out and build some Google trust. A […]

New in SEO land: Sphinn

13 Jul

It was about time that someone released a social news website for SEO news. Search Engine Land released Sphinn. You really did a great job, Danny & crew! SquareOak already posted some info about how to add a Sphinn button to the Share This WP plugin. If you use Social Bookmarking Reloaded, like me, you […]

13 numbered examples of great SEO articles

10 Jul

7 Ways to Promote Your Content as Link Bait 8 Ways to Remix Online Videos 9 Tips for Getting Started with Link Building 10 Linkbait Headline Formulas 17 New Rules for Successful E-Commerce Websites 20 Fatal SEO Don’ts You Must Avoid To Succeed 21 Essential SEO Tips & Techniques 25 Ways To Improve Your Site […]

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