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Loads of natural links to your shopping website in 4 easy steps

22 Nov

“But I just have a regular shopping website” is probably one of the most common excuses from BtoC shopping websites I’ve heard for not having a lot of links. Obtaining links to a “regular shopping website” is probably one of the easiest things to do, though. If you manage to get your processes right, you […]

FUD: amazingly effective…

14 Nov

Aaron Wall wrote up a great post about Google and shopping comparison websites. In his post, he also mentions the current drop in traffic/ rankings of “I am uncertain if the drop in Google was algorithmic or editorial, but BizRate’s Alexa ranking is off sharply over the past couple weeks, and if you look […]

Word of Link Marketing: Link forward!

10 Oct

While both Justilien and the SEM INC blog already covered the eMarketer research about the Word of Mouth Marketing effects worldwide excellently, there’s still one point I’d like to mention about this subject. What if the top SERPs for “Your Company” look a bit like this: If you spot a positive consumer opinion, a review […]

Online ad spending of the top 25 US advertising companies

10 Sep

While there are companies that use nothing but online advertising, some companies still almost neglect the web. Most of these companies are the top overall advertisers. AdAge released the 2007 edition of the Top 100 US Advertising Companies (pdf, or via this html link) a while ago, but I stumbled upon it this weekend. Research […]

SEO Mythbusters: Busting Google indexation myths

7 Aug

There are lots of different opinions on what causes Google to index a site or page. With a test on a new test subdomain on a brand new domain, I tried to bust a couple of these myths. 1) Google indexes a website if you add a Google Analytics code. Busted! Nope. The first thing […]

Viral Marketing: 4 examples that missed the link boat (and two that didn’t)

4 Aug

Viral Marketing seems hotter than ever. Where everybody in the SEO world is talking about link bait, the traditional marketing agencies are pushing their viral skills. Almost every marketing agency has some viral experience and is profiling themselves as an expert. With lots and lots of new funny, clever and great viral campaigns every day, […]

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