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Is this new?

22 Oct

Maybe this is something that has already existed for ages (like, for 2 years or so), but I didn’t notice it before. When you enter a URL in the search container that doesn’t exist, Google shows one or a few similar URLs. Nice feature, but The Women in Periodical Publishing?!? Edit: Thanks Joost, apparently I […]

Even my grandma can improve your website!

2 Oct

No seriously, she can. Your own grandmother can probably improve your website as well. Ok, she might not be able to get those 12.000 pages filled with scraped content out of supplemental hell, but she absolutely can help you improve your usability. Have you ever watched your non web savvy friend, colleague or relative searching […]

How to explain what SEO and Link Building is to your non-geek friends

28 Sep

Warning: this is a typical Friday afternoon post. A few weeks ago, I read Rebecca’s rant about the fact that she’s not working for Google. How recognizable. When I tell people I am a Link Marketer, they immediately assume that I’m either the reason of all blog comment spam, or I’m involved in some shady […]

A spammer with a conscience

28 Aug

When I wanted to clear the comment spam Akismet blocked during this week, I spotted something very funny: a spammer with a conscience. I guess he’s having second thoughts about spamming the hell out of bloggers with his used car spam sites :)

And then it hit me: I’m an SEO nerd

15 Aug

Last week, a friend of mine called and told me that he finally moved into his new home. The same day, I went to visit him and check out his new place. I had to climb the stairs first, he already told me he bought the second appartment on the right on the 3rd floor. […]

SEO Graffiti

4 Jul

When I was younger, graffiti was one of my ‘things’. I don’t tag or draw a lot anymore (cause it takes lots ‘o time and, well, it’s illegal), but I still think it’s cool. When I came across a graffiti website yesterday, I noticed that SEO is big even in graffiti land. Take a look […]

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