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Check Your Spelling, Even on a Phishing Trip!

6 Jan

Sometimes even deleting SPAM can be just hilarious. After opening my inbox, I found these two magnificent emails waiting right next to each other. The first one is “Paypal” sending me ‘You’re Billing information‘. The second one wishes me a Marry Christmas. On January 6th. I’m not saying that my grammar is perfect, but checking […]

Search Blog Awards 2007: Care for a Vote?

30 Dec

Just like last year (and 2005), Search Engine Journal is organizing the Search Blog Awards. I really am honored that, although I’ve only been blogging since June of this year, I have been nominated in the Link Building category (thanks for nominating me, Justilien ;) ). Considering the fact that my name is being mentioned […]

Index THIS, Google!

12 Nov

It’s pretty important to keep up with Google’s latest trends, changes and technologies if you want to achieve top rankings. If you’re able to get in front of Google’s technologies, that would be even better. With the almighty Google being capable of indexing almost anything and with Google Earth in mind, here’s my try on […]

Google wants YOU to ask questions

6 Nov

And that’s why they link to the Youtube CNN/ Republicans Debate page on the Google front page…

Awww, man!

27 Oct

Google just updated their toolbar PageRank score for the third time in three weeks. The score you’re seeing in the toolbar at this moment has probably been exported on the 2nd of October, somewhere between 3.45pm and 8.55pm. As of today, is a PageRank 3, which sucks in my opinion. I really liked that […]

Thanks, Bluehost. You suck!

25 Oct

Messages like “Problem Loading Page” suck. Especially when it’s your website returning that message. Like, for an entire day or so. When I made the choice for cheap in stead of reliable, I could expect going down within 9 seconds after hitting the Digg frontpage, but almost 24 hours downtime because of “file maintenance” without […]

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