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How to build links for crappy websites

11 Jan

Warning notice: while this post is easy to digest, it also contains a lot of crap. I’m sure almost every search marketer has been in the situation of thinking “so how am I going to tell this friend/ prospect/ client that his website is crap in a polite way?” in at least more than one […]

Why Jim Boykin and The Linkspiel Rock!

7 Jan

Well, that’s because both Jim Boykin and Debra Mastaler’s The Link Spiel won a Search Blog Award in the Link Building category. Congratulations to both! I can’t think of a better result than these two finishing in first place together, because I’ve been reading both blogs since the moment I started to read about SEO. […]

Push Link Marketing: Pushing the Right Spots

11 Dec

Yesterday, I received yet another unrelated link request, which suddenly made me think about Joe Pulizzi’s post about myFord Magazine I read earlier this week. The link request I received was set up in exactly the same way. The email contained no less than 17 times “we”, “me”, “I” or “us” and only two times […]

Link Value Factors released

10 Dec

SEOmoz’ Search Engine Ranking Factors is probably in the top 10 of the most valuable pieces of SEO documentation online. Where else can you find over one hundred years of SEO experience on one page? While link value is one of the factors being discussed in this piece of research, I would have loved to […]

Loads of natural links to your shopping website in 4 easy steps

22 Nov

“But I just have a regular shopping website” is probably one of the most common excuses from BtoC shopping websites I’ve heard for not having a lot of links. Obtaining links to a “regular shopping website” is probably one of the easiest things to do, though. If you manage to get your processes right, you […]

10 More Ways to Build Links Without Buying Them

15 Nov

Loren Baker provided 10 great tips to build links without buying them, but there’s still plenty of room left for even more free link building tactics. Here’s a list of another 10 useful tactics that might work for you. 1. Interviews Getting yourself interviewed by a local journalist, a specialist from your market or some […]

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