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SES London 2008: A (Very) Short Recap

25 Feb

Last week, I had the chance to addend the SearchEngineStrategies in London, together with three of my colleagues. For me, it was the second time to attend a search engine conference, the SES in New York last year was my first. Unlike usually, I haven’t seen a lot of reports and recaps of the sessions […]

Where Do You Start Your Link Marketing Campaign?

11 Feb

For websites that have been around for a while, starting a link marketing campaign is much easier than you might think. There’s no need to go out and hunt for new links straight ahead, because it’s usually much easier, faster and more effective to take a look at nearby data. 1. Internal linking structure Optimizing […]

What Exactly is a Paid Link?

5 Feb

Well, Google says it’s up to Aaron Wall to decide…

Google’s Line is Just Too Thin

4 Feb

Last month, Jim Boykin wrote a great post about where he tries to determine where Google draws the paid links line. In the discussion at Sphinn, even Matt Cutts joined in to leave a comment, but he also wasn’t able to make the line clear. Well, after seeing something like this, it’s getting more and […]

There’s a New Tool in Town

29 Jan

This is the living proof that you really should consider guest posting from time to time. A guest post from Janusz on pointed me to his link analysis tool; Link Diagnosis. This is a great FireFox plugin, that analyzes link profiles very thoroughly. Check out the post at Blogstorm for some screen shots or […]

The 4 Different Types of Authority Links (and 11 Ways to Get Them)

17 Jan

If you read, hear, or talk a lot about links and how to build them on a daily basis (like I do), you’ll get slapped around the ears with the term authority links quite often. The answer to the question how to obtain such authority links depends, because there are different types of authority links; […]

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