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Link Building and the 6 Principles of Persuasion

25 Aug

Ask ten SEOs what you have to do to get more links, and 9 will tell you to ‘build great content’. In stead of taking this answer for granted, it’s even better to ask yourself why this is true. In fact, everybody is willing to link to your website, article, page, post or whatever; you […]

Link Building is…

7 Aug

…yes, so what is link building actually? Lee Odden wrote an interesting post about link building vs. content promotion. In this post, he explains why he thinks that ‘unsolicited link acquisition based on content’, perhaps with a little bit of “traditional” link building, will lead to search engine traffic. He is absolutely right, but it […]

Viagra Link Test: One Year Later

4 Jul

Ok, this will be the last post that contains the word viagra for at least a month. I promise. But after reading and answering Marty’s comment earlier today, I noticed something funny. About a year ago, I tried to see if it’s possible to get Matt Cutts’ blog ranked for a viagra related keyword. Within […]

Building Link Targeted Content That Works: Step 3 of 3 – Launching, Monitoring & After Care

26 Jun

This is the third and last part of the guide to building link targeted content. Part one was titled Researching for Inspiration & Brainstorming for Ideas and part two discussed Creating Content & Preparation. All posts are available as a combined, single post or as pdf (14 pages of black text on white background, I […]

Answering Difficult Link Marketing Related Questions

10 Jun

For link building and SEO testing purposes, I try to find the edges. For own projects, I use the strategies that work best, regardless of what’s ‘allowed’ and what isn’t. When clients are involved, however, it’s completely different, especially when you’re dealing with big brands. Most clients, and especially clients in very competing online markets, […]

Google Doesn’t Allow Link Building Ads

16 May

I knew that Google stopped allowing ads for search phrases like ‘buy links‘ and ‘text link ads‘ a while ago, but apparently, Google stopped accepting ads for ‘link building‘ as well. After doing some research, I found out that a member at WMW noticed this too, around a month ago. According to the Google AdWords […]

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