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Is Link Building an Indian Thing?

19 Nov

For some reason, lots of people from the search engine optimization industry have always associated link building with the country India. According to Google, all these people are right…

Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques (at SMX London)

5 Nov

This week, during the Blow Your Mind Link Building Techniques session at the SMX in London, I had the opportunity to share a panel with Lyndon Antcliff, Tom Critchlow and Jay Young. It turned out to be an awesome session. Overview of the SMX, by Mark Bovenkerk, Lyndon kicked it off with a breakdown […]

How Not To Pitch Your Services (Or Send Out Link Requests)

20 Oct

Last week, I received an email of an Indian link development company, pitching their services. Normally, these emails end up in my deleted items without reading, but for some reason this email caught my attention. Not that I am interested in outsourcing link development campaigns, but the formatting of the email was pretty unusual (emphasis […]

You Already Have More Link Developers Than You Think

14 Oct

While hiring expensive experts can definitely be worth it in some occasions (if you happen to hire the right one, of course), you don’t need to hire a link builder to get more links. Every company -even yours- has employees that can increase your link popularity pretty easily, some even on a weekly or daily […]

Recapped: Google’s Link Week

12 Oct

Google’s Maihle Ohye surprised the staying-at-home-from-SMX-East-‘ers earlier this week (in a good way) by announcing a series on links on the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog. She started with discussing internal link architecture, followed by outbound links and last but not least a post about inbound links. It’s good to see a few detailed posts […]

Why Over 90% of All Link Requests Fail

9 Sep

Although there are lots of different link building strategies that are way more effective, lots of people still use good old link requests to get new backlinks. This varies from sending out an occasional email to spamming the hell out of nearly anything online with some kind of link building software. The problem with link […]

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