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Need More Proof that Links are (Still) Important?

25 Aug

Every two years, SEOmoz ask dozens of search marketing professionals to share their opinions on several (possible) search engine ranking influencing factors, and they’ve just released this years edition. It’s funny to see that, although I hear and read about ‘links getting devalued as a search engine ranking influencing metric’ more often, 80% of the […]

10 Questions to Ask a New Link Marketing Client

7 Jul

Yes, I know that I have already explained where you can start your link building campaign, but, actually, a link building campaign begins even before you start analyzing the current situation, and far before you start building new links. It starts with asking the right questions. In this post, I’ll mention a few questions that […]

The Perfect Link Request Email Template

27 Mar

Over time, people must have asked me over a hundred times what kind of link request email template I use when I contact other websites owners to get a link, or what kind of email format I consider to be the “perfect” link request format. In my opinion, the perfect link request email template looks […]

Cheap link building services: When does cheap become expensive?

29 Jan

Recently, I had a discussion with a (not-so web savvy) friend who felt that link marketing services were pretty expensive. While I do believe that Tribal Internet Marketing‘s rates aren’t exactly cheap (we’re certainly are not expensive either, though), it did made me think: when are link marketing services cheap and when are they expensive? […]

Starting Up a Link Marketing Campaign

17 Dec

Starting up a link marketing campaign is easy. Thorough preparation before starting up a link marketing campaign is often neglected, however.  By thinking everything well through in a structured way, you dramatically improve the chances of your link marketing campaign being successful. Make a snapshot of the start You’ll never know what you’ve achieved if […]

Link Building Strategies: 69 Solid Tactics For 2009

2 Dec

Six and a half years ago (which is ages, in Internet years), Robin Nobles, Eric Ward, and John Alexander compiled a legendary list of 131 legitimate link building strategies. Four years later, Aaron Wall and Andy Hagans published 101 link building tips to market your website, which was inspired by the other article. Considering the […]

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