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10 unusual places to drop your URL

9 Sep

Link Marketing isn’t only about getting clickable links, it’s about getting your URL spread. These 10 links won’t pass any link juice, but they certainly can help getting your website out there. 1. Your Bluetooth profile name Considering the fact that you’re into SEO and computers and geeky gadget stuff, you’ll probably have a phone […]

Link bombing still works. Even unintentionally.

29 Aug

Although Google stated that Googlebombing would become very difficult in the future, SERPs show still examples of pretty good results. Most of them are intentional, some are by accident. The example below (thanks for the tip, Hamoedie ;) ) is a great example of an accidental, but very effective, link bomb. The web design market […]

How to Attract Links: 4 Not So Ordinary Tactics

27 Aug

You have probably already read the articles with 5, 50, 66, 101 or even 131 strategies to attract links (if not: go read!). Some strategies (the most effective ones) are being mentioned in each of these articles. The following 4 activities are not very ordinary ways to build links, but can be at least as […]

Why you should optimize your LinkedIn profile links

24 Aug

There is enough info available about how and why to use LinkedIn and how you can add links to your profile. But why would you neglect optimizing your profile links, by leaving out the anchor text? Recently, I came across two profiles with links that didn’t have one of the standard LinkedIn anchor texts, but […]

The buying-links-discussion all over again?

22 Aug

With the “Are paid links evil” session at the San Jose SES in sight, it seems like the buying-links-discussion has started all over again during the past few weeks. Rand and Aaron both published great articles about buying links and the discussion seams to get hot again in other places -and in other languages- as […]

Viral Marketing: 4 examples that missed the link boat (and two that didn’t)

4 Aug

Viral Marketing seems hotter than ever. Where everybody in the SEO world is talking about link bait, the traditional marketing agencies are pushing their viral skills. Almost every marketing agency has some viral experience and is profiling themselves as an expert. With lots and lots of new funny, clever and great viral campaigns every day, […]

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